Monday, 13 December 2010

Mon£y Train – Cash Creation Day.

I’m still really excited after our first Mon£y Train Cash Creation day at Swindon on Saturday. My team were outstanding and carried out most of the speaking on the money making topics, which comprised of the following

1. Myself teaching credit repair and raising of seed capital for business start-up.

2. Silas Lees (Kevin Green Wealth Coach) speaking on business structures, key success principles and a wide range of simple cash creation strategies.

3. David Murphy – Head of finance at build store, informed us how to register the discount trade card for up to 40% discount on material supplies. Also how to register for build stores plot search for economic purchase of building land and finally an introduction to packaging finance, related to property.

4. David Murphy and his team giving a tour of the self-build and renovation centre during lunch break.

5. Adrian and Clare Pickersgill (managers of Kevin green Wealth Forex Train and charted financial advisors), instructing on Forex trading, including using automated trading robot, stocks trading and trading of domain names.

6. Neil Chapman (responsible for London’s largest single stock transaction in 1986), how to make money from gold, silver, platinum and understanding money markets.

7. I, strategic planning – setting a forward strategy.

I am so proud of my team of speakers and all the other members of Kevin Green Wealth who were helping on the crew. The Mon£y Train One day Cash Creation trainings will be going regional throughout the UK in 2011, I will not be speaking on the one day training events, but will be the main speaker on the 3 day intensive Kevin Green Wealth trainings and will continue to be the secondary coach to all of the 90 day Kevin Green Wealth coaching’s.

The Kevin Green Wealth group offers 3 products, namely the Mon£y Train one day Cash Creation, Kevin Green Wealth 3 day intensive trainings and finally the 90 day Kevin Green Wealth coaching programme. I am very excited about helping to create financial freedom for large numbers of people in 2011 both in UK , New Zealand and Australia where I have been asked back to educate in the respective countries.

My team in UK are very busy on our property deals and I will be telling you shortly about some very innovative new business that I have set up, all will be revealed in my next blog.

Wishing you all a Happy Christmas, a great New Year and a Prosperous and Happy 2011.