Friday, 18 April 2014

Enjoying the open road!

Everyone who knows me appreciates that I am a bit of a 'petrol-head'.
I loves cars and bikes.
Recently, I invested in a second-hand BMW R1200 motorbike - great for touring the open roads of West Wales, but also great for getting through the traffic to get to business appointments on time.
My son Carwyn has also been bitten by the bug.
Last Thursday, I was well chuffed to find out he'd passed his CBT basic motorcycle training certificate.
He's invested in a 125cc bike and now father and son are able to tour the highways together.
Carwyn is quickly learning motorbike etiquette.
He thought everyone knew him until I explained it was usual practice to acknowledge fellow bikers!
Friday was a lovely sunny day to be out on the roads. 
The pictures were taken by Loughor Bridge, the gateway to West Wales!