Friday, 12 September 2014

It was 'back to school' for me yesterday!

It was a case of going 'back to school' yesterday as I visited the children of Swiss Valley Primary School in Llanelli.
Here is the press release from the day - 

Entrepreneur Kevin Green gives Swiss Valley pupils a lesson in business

Multi-millionaire and social entrepreneur Kevin Green took time out from his busy schedule to give a special talk to the children of Swiss Valley Primary School in Llanelli.
Mr Green delighted the children by turning up for the talk in his Aston Martin car.
He gave the children a 20-minute talk on how he's managed to turn his life around from being homeless in 1988 to running a property portfolio which makes him the UK's biggest private sector landlord.
Mr Green stressed the importance of hard work in striving to achieve your dreams.
He also gave the children some handy business tips.
"There's a budding entrepreneur in everyone," Green said. "The children of Swiss Valley School have been working hard on a gardening project in the school and are now working on selling their produce and their seeds.
"It's great to see first hand such enthusiasm and it's also great to see teachers like Neil Lane working so hard to develop children's sense of achievement alongside practical skills and business skills."
Mr Green was given a guided tour of the school's gardening project by headteacher Ceri Morris.
The children also grilled Mr Green on his achievements in a question and answer session.
"It was wonderful fun," said Mr Green.
"I work alongside the Welsh Government in helping to develop entrepreneurial skills with young people.
"As far as I am concerned, you can never start to early when it comes to learning about business and being an entrepreneur.
"From little seeds, great things grow and I am sure that at least some of the youngsters involved in the Swiss Valley gardening project will develop into the entrepreneurs of tomorrow, helping to drive the Welsh economy forward."
Mr Green's visit followed an earlier trip to Ysgol Gymraeg Teilo Sant in Llandeilo, where he gave a similar talk on developing business skills.

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