Wednesday, 10 June 2015

It's great doing business in The Gulf

Most months are busy, but June is proving to be exceptional with business trip to The Gulf states and speaking engagements in Europe and the Far East.
And I've got my new book, The Rich Rules, to promote!
I was humbled to engage in business with Dr. Saddiq, personal consultant to Shelkh Mohammed Hamad Qasim Al Thani in Dubai.
See the picture at the top.
The photo underneath is me at Abu Dhabi palace with portraits of the former leader (deceased) and present leader (to my left).
I also joined Arnout van der Swaluw @Succes_Gids events promoter on a visit to the might DAMAC property HQ in Dubai.
I was given a bodyguard and a chauffeur-driven car for my trip to Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
I met some great people, set up some excellent new business links (I'll tell you about those in the near future) and was humbled to meet some very high-powered people.

Here are some photos from the trip -