Wednesday, 1 February 2017


I am pleased to invite you to a complimentary KGW Property, Gold, Silver and Business Training event which will give you a valuable insight into how you can make Property or business or precious metals all work for you. Kevin's team will share his successful in-depth high profit structures giving delegates a foundation toolkit to wealth creation. Approximately 50% of the training sessions focus on property/property related businesses and 50% on other high cash flow and profitable business start-up strategies.

You will learn Kevin’s tried and tested formulas for achieving Wealth & Happiness
  • How to source undervalue property deals
  • Property calculations for achieving huge cashflow & trading profits 
  • Targeting best areas for high property yield returns
  • How to invest in Gold & Silver Bullion tax free
  • Businesses we can set up easily for quick profits
  • Simple business structures & Tax saving tips  

All these examples as asset based businesses therefore deemed a lot safer by analysts than investing  in non asset based structures like Exchange Traded Funds ( ETF’s), Stocks & Shares, Forex, or any  businesses whereby we don’t own or control that business. Results can vary, however, therefore all attendees should seek independent professional legal & Financial advice before investing, Kevin also reserves the right  to ask one of his business partners to speak at these events should he not be able to attend.   Kevin & his KGW (Kevin Green Wealth) Team look forward to helping you towards Wealth & Happiness, on empowering and implementing Entrepreneurship from primary school through to Adults, Kevin is very proud of this prestigious position as it fits exactly with his remit of helping people into business.