Monday 23 July 2012

Phew! What a weekend!

Very busy weekend at my two-day Wealth Intensive Training seminar in London.
We had some great speakers, including Kevin McLernon, the winner of ITV1's The Biggest Loser show.
Kevin shared his story of how he came to apply for The Biggest Loser.
Kevin will be working with 'Team Green' in the future and I will be helping to coach him.
Here are some of the Twitter messages after the event -
philip wells ‏@philipj_wells
Had an awesome weekend with @kevingreenwales
Eunice DeCampi ‏@EuniceDecampi
Thank you @kevingreenwales for your high content 2 day seminar, great, really worth attending #teamgreen
baseline physio ‏@BaselinePhysio
What a weekend with @KGWCoach @kevingreenwales - learnt a huge amount, now it's time to take action! #teamgreen
Mark Savile ‏@MarkSavile
What a weekend with @KGWCoach @kevingreenwales
CJ Sohal ‏@CJSohal
@kevingreenwales thanks for a great weekend of training! Enjoyed every minute of it!
Mullen properties ‏@Mullenproperty
Homeward bound after a inspirational weekend! Had to leave before the end but many thanks to @KGWCoach @kevingreenwales#teamgreen
Kevin Biggest Loser ‏@kevinmclernon
Spent yesterday in London with @kevingreenwales from Secret Millionaire, can't wait to be working more with Kevin and the team.#teamgreen
Louise Kelly ‏@Loulew218
@chrisrowell: @loulew218 rocked it on stage at #teamgreen@kevingreenwales event - excellent job. Louise Kelly designs are the best! Thanks!
La belle Fay ‏@queenofsuccess
Learning how to make a fortune in business and property thanks to@Kevingreenwales #teamgreen
Linna ‏@LBinternational
Great seven secret tips on how to secure your PR from Rachael@blueboo. well done @kevingreenwales #teamgreen
Drake Academy ‏@Drake_Ac_b2b
Interesting information on tenant law from @kevingreenwales#teamgreen
Delakshi© ‏@delakshi
Amazing how the more you play with money, the bigger it gets...interesting @kevingreenwales #teamgreen
Genesis Imaging ‏@genesisimaging
@kevingreenwales Thanks Kevin for your words and ideas of wisdom for investment today.
Suki Kang ‏@Suki_Kang
You must believe you can achieve! Make a Difference!@kevingreenwales #teamgreen