Monday, 9 July 2012

'Pure Art' event in Birmingham was a thrill

It was great to be asked to speak at the Pure Art event in the centre of Birmingham at the weekend.
The event brought together the world of art and business as it doubled up as an art show and networking event.
The event was organised by Ocean Services and Trade Ltd, the leading agency which specialises in showroom exhibition, import-export, international education and event organisation.
The company has the aim of bringing the best of east and west together in one forum.
One of the most unusual features of the exhibition was the story of The Queen's 60-year reign in sand animation
The displays featured work by the talented Vietnamese artist Tri Duc.
Visitors to the show also had the chance to try making sand paintings during the event.
For more information, see the website -
It was nice to receive a couple of thank-you notes after the event.
Luna Phuong, Marketing and Communications Manager, Ocean Services and Trade Ltd, wrote -
On behalf of Ocean Services and Trade Ltd, we would like to express our sincere thank for your attendance and your inspirational speech about your journey to success to our audiences.
This has impressed our participants a lot and this is just one of several testimonials we received, Mr. Geoff French, Academic Director at Birmingham Metropolitan College, wrote -
'Just a quick word of thanks for the excellent Sand Art event on Saturday it was extremely entertaining and I hope you raised a significant amount at auction for the impressive Sand Painting of the Queen. I was also very impressed with speaker Entrepreneur Kevin Green who gave an inspirational speech on his approach to life, charity work and business. I think our students at Birmingham Metropolitan College would find his views and style of presentation something they could be relate to a want to emulate'.
Steve Pacquette of Ocean Services and Trade Ltd wrote -
I normally fall asleep when someone gets up on stage to do a presentation. Saturday afternoon, sitting in the front row at Birmingham, when you came on stage I thought here we go again.
As you spoke my ears pricked up, your goal and aspirations sounded very familiar.
Aston Martin DB9, financial abundance, what is it that make people tick, charitable causes for children, to mention a few I came back home to London thinking we are both about are about the same age with similar goals. What do I need to do to reach similar heights?
I believe those words Richard Brandson passed on to you are key.
Today, is the first day of the rest of my life with a completely different perception. Thank you, Kevin.