Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Great time at the East Midlands Landlord Expo

It was great to be at the East Midlands Landlord Expo today.
Great to meet so many enthusiastic and enterprising business-people.
Enjoyed giving my keynote address and received some great feedback.
About the East Midlands Landlord Association.
Our purpose is simple. We want to provide landlords, with the advice, tools and knowledge they need to be professional, and we want tenants to have decent, safe and affordable homes in a thriving and safe community.
As a professional landlords association it is our job to help housing professionals like you to manage and comply with all housing legislation and regulation necessary to be a good landlord. EMPO was formed in 1942 and throughout this time our mission of being dedicated to raising the profile of responsible landlords and to encourage the improvement of standards has remained constant and true.
EMPO is a not-for-profit association. This means that the money we make is put back into the association and funds the activities we carry out to support our members and landlords within the wider community.
We work closely in partnership with our members who control and manage in excess of 15,000 properties across the East Midlands.