Thursday, 16 May 2013

Wow! Thanks for all your interest in Secret Millionaire

Blimey! I've been overwhelmed in the last 24 hours by the interest shown in the rescreening of my Secret Millionaire programme on Channel 4.
The interest has been so great that my website crashed yesterday following the surge in traffic.
There've been a few jokes (which I've hugely enjoyed!) about my bleached blond hair in the programme.
To be fair, guys, it was first screened in September 2009! :)
There've been some lovely comments on Twitter (by the way, you can follow me @kevingreenwales) -
Karen - "Absolutely choked with pride at your programme today. You are a wonderful person."
Gill - "Loving your kindness and generosity on Secret Millionaire. Heartwarming."
Panna on LinkedIn said - "Watched Kevin Green on Secret Millionaire this morning. Key learning for me was how he realised success wasn't just about focusing on making money and his business, but how his money can help change the lives of others."
Patricia emailed - "I just watched the Secret Millionaire and was so touched by the help you gave those people. I was more touched by the loss of your sister to lupus at such a young age. I, too, have lupus and have had for 32 years. It has done a lot of damage to me, including losing a leg but every day I count my blessings."
Lizzie emailed - "I just had to get in contact after watching the show to say what am amazing person!

It really did touch my soul to see such a caring person helping so many people to have a positive future. To hear and observe a strong individual conquering life's challenges is inspiring. Kevin you are a star! None of us know how much we can shine until we have to!"

Many thanks to one and all for your kind words. It was a very humbling experience taking part in the show and I was grateful for the opportunity to help so many people.

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