Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Great to see my links with Gower College Swansea proving so successful

I'm particularly proud of my links with Gower College Swansea and the Entrepreneurship Academy Wales.
Regular readers of this blog will appreciate that Sue Poole, the academy director, has been working like a Trojan on the project.
The Entrepreneurship Academy is now in its second year and going from strength to strength.
I am delighted to be an ambassador for the academy.
It was great, then, to see that both of us have been tasked with advising the Welsh Government on the entrepreneurship agenda in Wales.
Here is a press release produced by Gower College Swansea which explains all about the appointments to the Entrepreneurship Panel for Wales -

Academy Director helping to shape the future of Entrepreneurship in Wales

A new national panel, charged with advising the Welsh Government on the entrepreneurship agenda in Wales, will include Gower College Swansea’s Sue Poole, academy director of the Entrepreneurship Academy Wales and its ambassador, Kevin Green.
Both Sue, who is the enterprise education manager at Gower College Swansea, and Kevin, a local entrepreneur and property developer, who appeared on Channel 4’s ‘The Secret Millionaire’, will play a valuable role on the panel, offering strategic guidance to the Welsh Government in its aim to promote a ‘can do’ attitude towards entrepreneurship throughout society – ensuring that it is a key focus for individuals from a young age.
Speaking of her new appointment on the panel, Sue said: “I’m extremely honoured to have been given this opportunity to work closely with such well-respected professionals. I have known all of the other panel members personally for some time, each of whom offers their own unique skills and knowledge, so I’m excited to begin work on the panel which begins with our first official meeting in early February.”
2013 was a busy year for the first influx of students at Entrepreneurship Academy Wales. With the guidance and valuable support of business mentors, including Kevin Green, students were given access to excellent resources including financial support and strategic guidance to start-up their own business and see their entrepreneurial vision come to life.
The future is even brighter for students who joined in September last year, as the academy is currently recruiting further notable business mentors and sponsors to support this second influx of students.