Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Year's resolutions

It's that time of year again . . . time to make some resolutions.
Here goes on mine . . .
  • Cut alcohol consumption by two thirds (not that I can be considered as a drinker in anyone's book).
  • More time travelling abroad this year now that my sons and daughter are growing up.  Llinos is 20, Carwyn 18 and Emyr 16 in February. They need less of my time, therefore more 'Me' time in 2014.
  • Expand our international Kevin Green Wealth business training and coaching brand into three new countries.
  • Pay off 10 mortgages on our buy to let portfolio from trading profits.
  • Encourage Government to include entrepreneurship into the school curriculum from primary school through to Further Education.
  • Set up a new business in peer to peer lending, matching savers who want a higher interest rate return on their savings with persons who wish to borrow monies from a source other than the banks. We have already obtained the interim licensing for this Business from the Office of Fair Trading and await full Financial Conduct authority approval after April 1.
  • Continue to encourage and support my son Carwyn, who is working in our property business, Llinos, who is completing her last year in University studying Business, and Emyr, who will be sitting his GCSEs in St Michael's School - and take them all on holidays to St Lucia in the last week in August.
  • Keep my work team happy and reward great performances.