Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Back in the groove . . .

I'm back in the groove very quickly today.
On my way to Wiltshire shortly for the Wiltshire Property & Entrepreneurial Network (PEN) meeting.
There's a big 'United Kingdom' feel to the gig tonight as I will be sharing the stage with John Dallas and Heather Mortimer.

John Dallas
John Dallas is from Glasgow Property Sourcing and Lettings Agency
After a career in the Army and later in International Marketing, John took his first property course in Aberdeen in 2000, with three properties in his portfolio. Over the next five years, John went on to become a trainer and property mentor (coach). Based on his experience, in both the commercial and development sectors of the property market he co-wrote several advanced training programmes.
In 2008 he was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer and during the early treatment was over dosed with radiation. His latest challenge (in late 2012) was renal failure which has resulted in him attending dialysis three days a week.
However, given his challenges he finds time to support Scottish Property Sourcing, from behind his computer, where most if not all of our property sourcing research is done.

Heather Mortimer
Heather Mortimer is an award-winning businesswoman, successful entrepreneur and property investor, with more than 20 years’ experience as a market trader in Glasgow.
Heather attended her property training with Whitney later Tigrent in 2006. On completion of her mentorship and with 30 properties in her portfolio she opened N&L properties, a letting agency in the east end of Glasgow. (N&L are the names of her two sons Nathan & Liam)
As an active member of both the National Landlords Association and the Scottish Association, her finger is always on the pulse of ever changing regulation.
Most recently, Heather has been assisting new landlords pointing them to the appropriate professionals and sign posting them BTL investment opportunities.
In 2010 she started to devote time and energy working with Glasgow District Council and various local housing associations including shelter. Developing a housing strategy ideally suited to Central Scotland.
In August 2012 she opened the Queens Park Business Centre locating her second N&L Properties office there (N&L South Side) 12 months ahead of plan. Now with seven staff and almost 300 properties on the books, the time was right for a new challenge.
Last summer Heather was approached by a Scottish businessman working in Africa if she could take on a small project and source three properties for him.
The success of the project and her ability to build trust and confidence via the phone and internet (the African investor never saw the properties) led to the trial of a unique sourcing experience, Scottish Property Sourcing.

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