Monday, 9 September 2013

Fab time in The Netherlands

I had a fabulous time in The Netherlands as one of the guest speakers at a major personal development seminar.
'Weekend with the Masters' was a two-day seminar organised by my good friend Arnout Van Der Swaluw (pictured below), owner at Succesgids (Success Guides) and promoter of high level business and personal development seminars.
It took place on Saturday and Sunday (September 7 and 8) at the Claus Event Center in Hoofddorp, which is close to Amsterdam's Schiphol airport.
Other speakers at the event included André Kuipers, the first Dutchman in space, with two astronaut missions under his belt; Netherlands TV presenter Vivian Reijs; Marcus de Maria, a respected trainer in the field of welfare and investment, and internet expert Eelco de Boer.
I was speaking to some of my favourite themes - repossession rescue, repairing credit history and how to set up a business.
The feedback was great and I was voted the best speaker of the first day of the seminar.
In fact, it was so successful that the Kevin Green Wealth team will be going back to help train 29 delegates from the seminar.
We will be staging a three-day property and business success training seminar in Amsterdam on November 8, 9 and 10.
The aim will be to help delegates achieve significant profits  - and to have fun on the way!
The delegates represent various business sectors and each person will have quality time with my team.
We will assess their personality type, their hobbies and their skillsets and match businesses to the appropriate experts who can help them improve their skills and businesses.
The delegates are from all backgrounds - a third are couples seeking to improve their business skills.
Some of the delegates want to improve the existing structure of their business, some want to open an additional business and anotherr third of the group are currently in employment but want to set up their own business for their future financial security.
I will be presenting for the three days at the next seminar and my colleague Chris Rowell will be doing a section on marketing, including optimising social media and online presence through blogs and websites.

You can find out more about Arnout Van Der Swaluw and Succesgids by visiting -

Photo slideshow from the Amsterdam event . . . .