Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Looking forward to meeting some special youngsters

I'm looking forward to making special visit to Thatcham in Berkshire on Friday to give a talk to some special children and young people.
The event has been arranged by my friend Fiona Matthews.
Here is the press release for the event -

On Friday 13th September 2013 Kevin Green, star of Channel 4’s ‘Secret Millionaire’, will come to Thatcham to give a talk to Children 1st West Berkshire and young people in the area, including local school students, about his life story and his path to success.
He will then visit Cornerstone, the house rented by Children 1st West Berkshire for the young people the charity supports and will mentor the residents.
Chris Rowell, one of Kevin’s top coaches at Kevin Green Wealth, will also be visiting and will mentor the staff and Trustees of the charity on good business practice.
Kevin was a dairy farmer in Wales who, following the death of his sister from Lupus aged 20, wanted to make more of his life. In 1999 he won a scholarship to travel the world to interview champions of industry, including Sir Richard Branson and Bill Gates, to ascertain what the difference in their mindset is that makes them successful. Following this he decided to go into property and, having bought his first house in 1999, he is now one of the UK’s largest private landlords - his property portfolio runs into the hundreds (647 houses, at the last count!) - a social entrepreneur and a self-made multi-millionaire. The 49-year-old dyslexic was homeless in 1984.
He is a Big Ideas Wales role model for the Welsh Government and helps inspire young people in schools and universities on how to start a business.
Kevin loves to keep fit by water skiing, walking and running. He ran the London Marathon in 2010 raising money for Amber Foundation (reform centre for young offenders).
His ‘can do’ qualities have catapulted him into worldwide demand as a speaker at conferences, dinners and seminars.
Kevin has travelled throughout the UK, Asia, Australia and New Zealand in the past year and has shared the stage with Sir Richard Branson and former United States president Bill Clinton.
Kevin is a regular commentator on property and business ideas for a cross-section of UK and international media outlets, in print, on TV, on radio and online.
Kevin is an ambassador for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and has personally contributed more than £300,000.
He is a Patron of The Ray Gravell and Friends Charitable Trust and a member of The Professional Speaking Association.
Kevin loves to educate, motivate and inspire others on how to start in business, how to make money fast and how to become rich and his passion and enthusiasm is quite infectious.
His down to earth approach is often referred to by those who know him as ‘exactly what it says on the tin’.
More information about Kevin and Chris can be found at and
Children 1st West Berkshire are extremely excited that we have this wonderful opportunity and very grateful to Kevin and Chris for agreeing to visit us.

Details: Friday 13th September 2013
1500 hrs – talk to young people at the Regency Hotel, Thatcham
1600 hrs – mentor the residents at Cornerstone
1700 hrs – photos and end at Cornerstone
Press notice: If you would like further information about this event, please do contact Fiona Matthews on 07710 096868 or

About Children 1st West Berkshire:
Children 1st West Berkshire charity was started in 2008 for the benefit of children and young adults who are or have been in care in West Berkshire.
Its purpose is not just to keep them safe and healthy; its ambition, and we are determined to fulfil it, is for them to be happy, to achieve by developing their own potential and become complete and rounded human beings who are a full part of society. This is our goal for each and every child we support. Children in care need all help possible to overcome their difficulties, to help them on the road to health, happiness and success and enable them to have a good and promising future.
We are committed to:
· encourage aspirations among young people in care.
· treat each child as a unique individual.
· give practical support and ongoing emotional and psychological support to help them achieve their ambitions.
· ensure that each child's specific and specialised needs are properly met.
· do all that we can so they will flourish rather than fail.
· provide support and activities which develop their skills, capacities and capabilities to enable them to participate in society as mature and responsible individuals.
Stability is the foundation for any child's development and yet the experience for many children is one of instability and unpredictable change. Some see as many as 30 social workers or go through 9 or 10 care placements within a few years. As a consequence of all this many of those leaving the care system are uneducated, untrained, unqualified and unable effectively to equip themselves to contribute to their own personal fulfilment. There is poor preparation for leaving care and too many children leaving care inappropriately and have a lack of suitable accommodation when they do. They do not have the skills, personal responsibility or discipline to be able to cope with living independently.
CFWB rents Cornerstone, a five bedroom house in Thatcham, from the Greenham Trust and has five residents sharing it, one of which is a ‘carer’ figure. Each of the residents is also allocated a Trustee who they can talk to, ask for advice and turn to for help. Children First West Berkshire aims to have more houses to help more children leaving care.
If you would like further information about the charity please contact Margaret on 01635 500849 or email

Children 1st West Berkshire, The Slater Centre, Unit 410
Greenham Business Park, Thatcham, RG19 6HA
Tel: 01635 500849, e-mail:, Web:;
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