Thursday, 26 September 2013

The day I was reunited with 'Secret Millionaire' colleague Hilary Devey!

Wonderful occasion today.
I was reunited with my 'Secret Millionaire' team-mate Hilary Devey CBE.
The wonderful Hilary was the star guest at the Cardiff Business Show organised by Introbiz at the Cardiff City Stadium.
Here's the press release from the event . . . 

'Secret Millionaires' share stage at Cardiff Business Show

Two 'Secret Millionaires' - one of them from Burry Port - were back on stage at the Cardiff Business Show yesterday.
Former Dragons Den star and entrepreneur Hilary Devey CBE joined West Wales social entrepreneur and property expert Kevin Green at the show at the Cardiff City Stadium.
"It was great to meet up with Hilary again," said Green, 50.
"We both took part in the Secret Millionaire series for Channel 4 and I have since tried to help Hilary with her fund-raising work for the Stroke Association.
Ms Devey, a patron of the Stoke Association having suffered a stroke in 2009 which paralysed an arm and partly paralysed a leg, spoke of its devastating effect when she addressed the audience at the business show.
"Everyone was moved by Hilary's comments during a very lively question and answer session," said Green.
"Sadly, Hilary was unable to attend a gala charity dinner in the evening for the Stroke Association, held at The Vale Resort.
"But she sent a video message to the evening dinner guests to explain how she had to rush off to Skipton in Yorkshire to do some filming for a forthcoming Channel 4 programme.
"Plainly, Hilary has had to battle hard to combat the stroke and everyone who attended the business show was impressed by her bravery and fortitude in making it to the stage."
The business show and the gala charity dinner in the evening were both organised by Tracey and Paul Smolinski, of the Introbiz business network.
During her Q and A, Ms Devey revealed that her 'eureka' business moment, which led to her forming her palletised freight distribution business Pallex, came to her on a visit to Wales.
"It was in 1996 when the idea developed in my mind, so you can say the embryo was conceived here. Now we have several depots in and around Wales and lot of our work is derived here."

Photo 1: Kevin Green gives Hilary Devey a good old-fashioned Welsh 'cwtsh' welcome.

Photo 2: Kevin Green, Hilary Devey CBE and Tracey and Paul Smolinski, of the Introbiz business network, share a joke.

Photo slideshow from the business show and the gala charity dinner afterwards.