Wednesday 26 January 2011

Involvement in The World Hunger Project, 9th January 2011

Since the New Year I have been extremely busy reviewing all my business activities and have made some significant changes, which I will reveal in a forthcoming blog and for legal reasons the new business that I mentioned in my last blog cannot be openly discussed until 2 weeks’ time but, it’s one of the most exciting projects that I have set up and I look forward to sharing all the details once all legal terms and conditions have been added to the associated website.
          I’m extremely excited about the World Hunger Project and feel thrilled to have been asked to attend the Dionne Warwick concert by Tim Holder and his P.R team, led by Miranda Leslau at the Apollo theatre, Victoria London, along with my good friend Duncan Bannatyne. The Hunger Project is an extremely sustainable charity helping to feed the worlds starving population as it doesn’t just gift aid food parcels. It addresses the root of the problem by teaching, coaching and monitoring the growing of crops and the management of livestock to provide food. This is obviously very close to my heart being an ex-farmer and a social entrepreneur who loves to help people to help themselves. The hunger project has been in existence for since founded in 1977, and is making a massive difference worldwide. The objective of the concert was to raise awareness of the Hunger Project in the UK and was the first of what will become an annual event. A lot of businesses and services gave their services pro gratis, including the Apollo theatre, and the stars of the show Dionne Warwick, Elaine Page, Natalie Cole and MICA Paris. There were over 2000 in the audience and we were all on the edge of ours seats enjoying every performance, it far exceeded my expectations and to see the Southbank Sinfonia and the stars performing on the set of Wicked created the best environment that once could have asked for. Dionne not only sang the chart hits but hosted the whole event and her heart felt energy filled the whole theatre. The high point for me was the look on Tim Holder’s face as he sang a duet with his idol Dionne Warwick, truly deserved for all the hard work that he and his team had put into this outstanding event. The hunger project had massive feedback and was trending on twitter for 2 hours after the event; needless to say Miranda Leslau also received huge acclaim for this and the resulting PR in the media and TV.
The after party, celebrating Dionne’s 70th Birthday was held at the Crowne Plaza Victoria hotel with approx. 500 people attending, myself and Duncan were managed by Yvonne Barto as we were surrounded by the press. I hadn’t expected this but thanks to Yvonne’s authoritative approach all went well. A huge birthday cake for Dionne was brought out and it was lovely to witness Dionne’s joy as we all sang happy birthday and the huge cake was cut into 500 slice to feed us all. One of the most fabulous days of my life, and a magic start to the New Year.