Wednesday 13 May 2015

Kevin's book covered on the Website of the Year

A lovely article written about the release of my book 'The Rich Rules' you can find this article on the Wales Online website.

10 rules to help make you rich from self-made millionaire Kevin Green

09:00, 9 May 2015 By Chris Kelsey

In his new book The Rich Rules rags-to-riches millionaire Kevin Green describes how he built up his property empire and gives 10 tips towards success in business


Self-made multimillionaire Kevin Green

At 19 Kevin Green was sleeping rough on the streets. Now he is a wealthy property landlord and owner of several businesses.

He recently wrote a book, The Rich Rules, in which he set out his 10 rules for making your fortune.

Rich rule 1: Never waste a second of your time

Moved by the tragic death of his sister at the age of 20, Green resolved to use all his time well.

"Ever since then, if I've ever felt unhappy about what may be happening, I've changed my outlook and my future, because for me happiness is a number one priority. Money has been a fortunate side benefit of building businesses around ideas which I am extremely passionate about," he writes.

Rich rule 2: Self-awareness is the master key to success

As a Nuffield scholar Green wanted to explore why two identical businesses run by different individuals could achieve different outcomes in terms of success.

His conclusion: "Self-awareness is the master key to success. Knowing what we are good at, bad at and enjoy doing, is better self-analysed by entrepreneurs."

Rich rule 3: Press your start button

"Many people wish to achieve wealth and happiness but are fearful of starting something in case they fail," Green says.

Rich rule 4: Embrace change

"Change is powerful," Green writes. He describes how the family decided to sell all the farm's dairy cows and its milk quotas, which not only allowed it to clear debts but allowed him to give all his time to his property interests.

"The fact that we could get our time back and with that, a lot more happiness, was very important," he writes.

Rich rule 5: You are only as good as the people you surround yourself with

"Appointing the right people in the right areas is vital in growing a successful business," Green writes.

Rich rule 6: Know your business weaknesses

"The most important factor is to have the right attitude towards your business...many feel that they won't possibly succeed. Remember, if you think you are going to fail, or you think you can win, then you will," Green writes.

Rich rule 7: Know how to raise capital

"Consider the timing to clear debt when you're growing a business. If you don't pay down some debt, you will find it very difficult to get further lending from the banks and other lending institutions going forward," Green writes.

Rich rule 8: Know your outcomes

"I learnt through my Nuffield Scholarship study that people can become entrepreneurs," Green says.

"If a person is placed in the right environment then as long as that person has the will, determination and passion they will absolutely blossom."

Rich rule 9: Love you business(es)

"The most important decision that any potential business person can make is choosing the right business for them. This is not a one size fits all choice. It's about choosing a sector that you are very passionate about.

"Always remember to listen to your heart, your instinct, what is your gut feeling telling you about this business idea?"

Rich rule 10: Take control

"In my scholarship study I realised that the main difference between most people and entrepreneurs is that entrepreneurs don't just talk about what they want to do, they take control of their lives and actually implement their thoughts and feeling into action."