Wednesday 31 October 2012

Entrepreneurship Academy students on TV tonight

Students from the Entrepreneurship Academy Wales should be in the TV spotlight tonight.
ITVWales were at a special event held at the Innovation Foundry at the Dylan Thomas Centre, Swansea, last night.
They were there to film the 'speed-dating' evening which helped match up mentors and students.
The mentors, including myself, will be helping to guide the students through their course and develop their business ideas and strategies.
Before the 'speed-dating', however, I had a surprise for the students.
Academy Director Sue Poole had put together funds for a special challenge for the students.
The students were split into two teams - one boys and one girls.
They have each been given £250 each and two 'free' pitches/stalls at Swansea Indoor Market for December 4 and 5.
The teams have to come up with a sales idea for their market stall.
There's a loading bay for them to deliver their goods - but no electricity on the stall.
The team whch makes the most profit on the original fund of £250 will be the winner.
The winning students will get to keep the profits.
Indus Films and Television will be filming at the market during the week and should be able to put the spotlight on the young entrepreneurs at work.
When I announced the challenge to the students last night, they were thrilled.
Very quickly, they started to form some ideas about what they will sell at the market stall.
It promises to be a good test of the youngsters and their business skills and I am looking forward to seeing the contest unfold.
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